An Interview with Sam Peacock

Private View: Wednesday 6th September 6.30pm - 8.30pm

‘From Folkestone to Cornwall’ this show is a visual journey through places which inspire both Sam and Hannah in their own personal practice. As artists they tread some of the same paths along coastal routes and have both produced artistic responses to the landscape within various areas along the coastline.

Sam’s work is an exploration of texture and colour; he builds layers upon layers, mixing industrial materials with organic ones, creating colour drawn from ground coffee, liquorice, sugar, blending them with oil paint and then exposed to intense heat. Sam’s work relates well to the semi-abstract nature of Hannah’s landscapes, whose paintings are equally layered with loose, expressive and gestural mark making, exploring the textural qualities of oil paint and the illusion of texture in earthy, dramatic charcoal vistas.

An Interview with Sam Peacock

HCA; Hi Sam, good to have you showing at the gallery. What works are you showing from your collection?

SP; Hi Mark and Hannah, thanks for hosting me at the gallery, its a pleasure to be showing work with Hannah, an artist I have known from the start of my career and someone I am happy to show my work alongside. I will be showing 6 large pieces from the “Province” collection alongside a few smaller works produced alongside the larger works. The large pieces are all inspired from the landscape within 12 miles from my studio on the south coast.

HCA; You have been working on creating installation works at present for Novotel in Canary Wharf, how is what your showing with us different?

SP; The Novotel work was a commercial project for one of the largest hotel chains in the world. I worked to spec for that project. Working alongside Hannah gives me chance to return to my roots as a landscape painter and create pieces that work alongside Hannah’s own amazing collection of impressions from her area of expertise which is Devon and Cornwall.

HCA; Some of our clientele would be interested to know what materials you use and why. Can you explain to us some more about your process?

SP; I have worked with steel since the mid 90’s. Making sculptural pieces and eventually evolving the process into what you see now, which are flat mild steel landscapes. I use fire and coffee in all the work and this gives me the textural effect I need to full express the journey the painting goes through before its concluded. I began using coffee as a source since working in Florence for a show there, I try and use Arabica coffee as it leaves a good aroma even when its dry. One of the reasons the Novotel commission worked so well is that my work had an immediate connection with Canary Wharf and the coffee trade that once dominated the area.

HCA; Thanks for you time Sam, we look forward to hosting you alongside Hannah in September. Highgate contemporary represent a varied range of artists and are based on Highgate High Street, Highgate, London. N6 5JG and are open Tuesday -Sunday.