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The Leach Pottery: Living the Legacy

The Leach Pottery: Living The Legacy

(7th September - 3rd October 2018)

'I am always mindful that I stand on the shoulders of giants.’ Roelof Uys, Leach Pottery Lead Potter 

Exploring one of the most respected and influential potteries in the world as it is today. 'The Leach Pottery: Living the Legacy' features work by the iconic Leach Pottery's team of production potters both individually and collectively. 

Now guided by Lead Potter Roelof Uys, The Leach Pottery continues to serve as a meeting ground for the exchange of skills and ideas, sought out by potters from all over the world and crafting its team into talented individual potters as well as a skilled collective:


“Working as a team and promoting the spirit of cooperation, we are more effective in the range of pots that we produce. By working on each other’s pots, we shift focus from the individual to the group. As a diverse collective of potters and students from around the world, we are continually learning from one another.”

‘The Leach Pottery: Living The Legacy’ represents the current Leach Pottery team as they honour the traditions before them while working together to evolve their aesthetic, creating work that is unique and that they feel belongs to this era of the Leach Pottery’s enduring legacy.

View the whole collection online at Thrown Contemporary or better still come in and speak to Claire Pearce, Thrown director and browse all the incredible ceramics in the flesh!

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Later Event: October 5
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